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Next-gen Cadillac Escalade spied with grille uncovered for the first time

Inspiration comes from other Cadillac SUVs

Cadillac Escalade spied
Cadillac Escalade spied / Image Credit: SpiedBilde
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The next generation of full-size GM SUVs is coming, and the Cadillac Escalade may the most anticipated reveal of them all. Lincoln has blown up the scene with its excellent Navigator, and Cadillac needs something revolutionary in response. Our latest set of spy photos show us what appears to be a camouflaged Escalade, but it’s missing some of the camo covering the grille.

None of our previous Escalade spy photos have given us this detailed of a look at the grille before. The grille design looks like a blown-up version of the XT6 right now. It’s not the exact same pattern as we see on the Sport or Premium Luxury trims of that car, but the design looks like it comes from a similar mind. There’s certainly no mistaking it for anything other than a Cadillac, as the Yukon and Tahoe likely won’t be sporting such gaudy front pieces — the jury is still out on a potential High Country trim, though.

This particular tester looks like it was caught on GM’s proving grounds, as the driver unsuccessfully tries to hide his face from the camera. Just like previous spy shots, these feature the same rectangular exhaust outlets and independent rear suspension down below. We still have no idea what the rest of the SUV is going to look like, but as GM is wont to do these days, a big grille is a certainty now. The camouflage conceals just how far it stretches from one side to the other, but we’ll be interested to see how much of the design language is ripped from smaller SUVs like the XT6 and XT5.

We have a feeling Cadillac plans on giving us something new and game-changing with the Escalade; we just don’t know if the styling is up to the task yet.

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