Peugeot Boxer 4x4 concept is one big overland camper van

If you like it, consider picking up its Ram ProMaster twin

Peugeot Boxer 4x4
Peugeot Boxer 4x4 / Image Credit: Peugeot
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Peugeot and Citroen, part of the same PSA automaker, have just added the third in a series of van concepts designed to get people to the outdoors. It started with the somewhat compact Citroen SpaceTourer 4x4 E concept a couple of years ago, and continued with the even smaller Peugeot Rifter 4x4. Now the company has focused on the other end of the spectrum with the full-size Peugeot Boxer 4x4 shown above.

The Boxer looks quite rugged with its off-road lights mounted in the high roof. It has all-wheel drive and all-terrain tires, the latter of which likely contribute to the increased ground clearance. It also features a roof rack with a canoe that's accessible via a ladder. As rugged as it looks, its size will hamper its offroad capability. For tighter trails, the Rifter concept would be better. Of course, the Boxer also features an electric Peugeot mountain bike, so you can park the van and explore deeper into the backcountry on the bike.

The Boxer's large size also means you get much larger living space, whereas the Rifter left you with a rooftop tent. Inside the Boxer is a convenient pop-up table for dining or working or whatever else you might want to do on a table. And there's surely enough room to stretch out with sleeping bags or air mattress.

If you like what you see here, the good news is that you could probably replicate the van, here, in the U.S. The Boxer is the same as the American Ram ProMaster, and both are rebadged versions of the Fiat Ducato. The only thing that might not be easily replicated is the all-wheel-drive system, as the ProMaster is only offered with front-wheel drive in the U.S.

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