Lotus says it's hiring 200 new engineers in effort to expand

China's Geely continues to invest in the old British sports car brand

Lotus is making moves to rise back up in the automotive world. A report from The Telegraph says the British company will hire 200 new engineers. This batch of hiring comes from the pockets of new Chinese owner Geely. The plans also include the opening of a new engineering center in the U.K. away from its longtime home in Norfolk. Lotus CEO, Phip Popham said this about the new moves.

"Lotus has been in survival mode for many years. We're taking on people here and also in the Midlands. We need to tap into the industrial resource outside Norfolk to help our growth," Popham said.

These new hires are all part of a multi-billion dollar investment into Lotus from Geely to try and turn the company around. Ultimately, Lotus wants to triple its current production all the way up to 5,000 cars per year. One of the initiatives from this investment is an all-electric hypercar we saw teased not too long ago. Popham also spoke of making cars with a slightly different focus than the Lotus we know of today. "A car not just for the weekend, but one you can live with," Popham says.

Ideas of a Lotus SUV or grand tourer have bounced around in the recent past, and those still appear to be in the company's plans. The British brand plans on tapping Geely for many items it doesn't already have, according to the report. These include modern items like digital display screens and parts required for electrification of its vehicles. A new platform meant to house these "livable" Lotus cars is said to be in the works.

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