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VIDEO: Taking McDreamy up the hill at Goodwood

Last year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed we spied our first Lotus 2-Eleven hypercar in the flesh. Turned out the owner was our friend, Patrick O'Neill, who had graciously agreed to be the lone Lotus representative in the supercar category. Apparently when Patrick lined up in the paddock to take his shot at the hill on day 2, a familiar face appeared at his side. While he wasn't sure exactly who it was, he knew he

2006 Lotus Exige Review

Lithe Lotus

The new two-seat Lotus Exige coupe, based on the soft-top Elise, spurs such euphoria from behind the wheel that if the secret of its sheer delightfulness were more broadly known, it'd be deemed a nonconsumable narcotic. It takes little time driving an Exige to realize that it, like the Elise, perfectly embodies Lotus founder Colin Chapin's mantra: "Simplicate and add lightness." The overwhelming s