Thieves steal 124 wheels from Chevy dealership in one night of work

Police suspect it's a professional crime ring

Thieves steal 124 wheels and tires.
Thieves steal 124 wheels and tires. / Image Credit: Slidell Police Department
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Thieves managed to steal 124 wheels and tires from a Chevrolet dealership in Slidell, Louisiana in one short night of work last weekend. According to local news reports, the police have estimated the value of all the property stolen to be approximately $120,000. The photos tell the story best, as rows of vehicles sit suspended on wood blocks without their wheels and tires.

You might automatically think that this was the work of a massive team, but surveillance video shows it was just two men doing all the work under the cover of darkness. They managed to yank all the wheels from 31 cars that night without getting caught. Consider us gobsmacked, because this was quite the crime. Police suspect it could be the work of a professional crime ring, as the job appeared to go on without a hitch. Further surveillance video found a 17-foot U-Haul moving truck pull up to the dealer and enter the parking lot. About 40 minutes after the truck pulled in, it left the lot, presumably with all the stolen cargo on board.

Police say the thieves successfully defeated locks, alarms, surveillance video and even manipulated the lights in the parking lot so passersby would not be able to see them at work. These guys are not amateurs. However, they did leave a few things behind. Photos from the police department show all the lug nuts were discarded next to the vehicles, and there was apparently one car jack left, too. At least they were nice enough to leave the cars on wooden blocks so as not to damage them further. We can't say for certain what all the cars were, but photos show a ton of Malibus along with some Blazers and trucks. The thieves were reportedly very selective on which wheels they stole, aiming for 20-inch wheels and above, presumably since larger wheels and tires cost more.

The dealership hit, Matt Bowers Chevrolet, has a $25,000 reward out for information leading to the arrest of the suspects. At this time the police haven't revealed any leads it may have, as the surveillance footage hasn't led to any identifications or arrests. Perhaps these guys might be better off using their talents with a Formula One pit crew team ... they certainly have the speed part down.

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