Thieves relieve Detroit-area Dodge dealer of $70,000 in SRT wheels

Okay Mopar fans, this won't be easy to read. A video, which has since been made private, popped up over on Reddit's Cars subreddit over the weekend and detailed the aftermath of a massive wheel heist at a metro Detroit dealership. Thieves broke into Sterling Heights Dodge and made off with at least $70,000 worth of wheels and tires.

The thieves ignored the V6 models and instead targeted Hellcat, SRT392, Scat Pack, and R/T versions of the Charger and Challenger. The poor muscle cars were left sitting on blocks, with the voice behind the video saying the treatment led to underbody damage. We only counted 12 cars, but the person shooting the video said thieves targeted 14 vehicles. That works out to about $5,000 in wheels per vehicle.

We've reached out to Sterling Heights Dodge general manager and the Sterling Heights Police Department for comments. We haven't heard back yet, but we'll be sure to update this post with any additional information.

Oh, and if you're in metro Detroit and perusing Craigslist for a new set of alloys, we'd advise against buying Dodge wheels for the next few weeks. They might be hot.

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