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New towers in Orlando and D.C. bring the company’s total to 11

New towers in Orlando and suburban D.C. bring the company's total to 11.

Car Buying

The facts behind the delivery fee, and why it might not matter

Timing is everything so, when it comes to car buying, dealership document fees are like the late party-guest who suddenly arrives while you're saying final goodbyes and putting leftovers in the fridge. To put it mildly, they're an annoying but common part of most car transactions. For car buyers who don't expect them, however, they can seem like a blatant rip-off.


In a reversal, it’ll let all Hyundai dealers apply for franchise licenses

Genesis will apparently open the doors to its nascent dealership network to all existing Hyundai dealers, reversing its earlier plan to launch a separate, much more limited retail network as a way to distinguish the brand.


Senators voted 51 to 47 to disapprove the guidance

The U.S. Senate on Wednesday invalidated Obama-era guidance aimed at preventing auto lenders from charging borrowers higher rates based on factors such as race or national origin. The Senate voted 51 to 47 to disapprove the guidance, which was issued in 2013 by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and regarded by critics as an overstep of the agency's powers.


They'll facilitate long-distance travel for Mission E

When we talked with folks at Porsche about introducing the Mission E here in the U.S., they acknowledged that charging infrastructure was a challenge the company must face head-on. "We have to work on our charging infrastructure [across] the nation, so that range anxiety — despite the fact that we have a bigger range than 300 miles — is not a barrier," Porsche Cars North America President and CEO Klaus Zellmer told us. Now we know a little more about that plan, as Zellmer told Automo


Pilot begins in June in partnership with dealers in both markets

Here comes Mercedes-Benz jumping into the monthly subscription-service craze, launching its pilot program in Nashville and Philadelphia. It'll be called the Mercedes-Benz Collection.


It'll let you do almost everything before setting foot in a dealership

Ford is launching a new online car-shopping service that will allow users to do things like view local pricing and incentives, apply for financing and schedule test drives all before setting foot inside a showroom. It's the latest tool to help people spend less time at dealerships.

Car Buying

Car buyers make these mistakes all the time.

Car dealers want to make money – who can blame them? But if you understand how the process works, you can avoid making an expensive mistake.

Car Buying

Being familiar with the lingo could help get you a better deal.

Incentives are more common during seasonal sales or are offered on slower-selling models. They encourage the dealer to make room for new inventory.


They could be tough to buy.

While we were digging through automaker sales figures for July, we found a few odd sales of discontinued cars, but the strangest by far was the inclusion of the Lexus LFA in Toyota's numbers. Apparently, a dealer sold one in July, and even more amazingly, six were sold last year. This is remarkable because production ended for the LFA way back in 2012, and there weren't many examples to begin with. So we reached out to Toyota for more info, and we have good news, sort of, if you missed out on bu

Open Road

We all have to test drive cars at some point, but does the experience ever really change? I went shopping in the luxury brand segment for the first time. Here, I share some of the unique aspects I encountered looking in this specific market.

Buying Guide

A significant percentage of car buyers remain put off by the buying process.


Use of the DEIS tester requires Ferrari approval.

A dealer employee claims a LaFerrari's value went up a cool million after its odometer was reset.

The process of buying a car is the same, whether it's your first time or your 20th.

Car Buying

There are many tools available to arm you to get the best deal

The key to getting a good deal is to put aside your emotions and focus on the hard realities of the deal. After all, buying a car is the second-largest financial commitment - after purchasing a home - most people will make. The good news is there are many tools available to arm you with the information and strategy you need to arrive at the best deal.


Sort of.

Now they really have everything at Wal-Mart.


Owners can win cars, vacations, and tickets to Tesla events.

Tesla is giving away Ludicrous P100D EVs, tickets to its Model 3 delivery event, a Powerwall 2, and more.

Stars Selling Cars

Can actor Danny Trejo sell a car? Find out on this episode of Stars Selling Cars.

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