992-Series Porsche 911 Turbo attacks the Nurburgring

Video shows much speed

Last year, German magazine Auto Motor und Sport lapped the Nürburgring with a 991.2-series Porsche 911 Turbo S in 7:17.11 with journalist Christian Gebhardt at the tiller. That was just 5.4 seconds off the time set by a Porsche factory racing driver in a 911 GT3. Based on video of the next-generation 992-series Turbo prototype running the 'Ring, the laps times are about to get substantially faster. The driver in the video appears to be treating the brake pedal like it's poison, and the throttle is the antidote.

The Porsche in the video looks different from the leaked 911 Turbo captured in February, but many suspect the coupe in the factory leaks was wearing an optional Aerokit. Speculations put the engine at 3.8 liters or thereabouts and dosing at least 600 horsepower to all four wheels. That would make a minimum 60-hp bump over the current Turbo. The coming Turbo S is expected to get 40 additional Pferden besides. The two-wheel-drive 2020 Porsche 911 laps the 'Ring five seconds faster than the previous generation. We wouldn't be shocked at a larger delta between the Turbo iterations.

Porsche's been doing a lot of prototype 911 work at the 'Ring lately. One week ago, the Turbo Cabriolet did its rounds with just a touch more mercy than this hardtop. The day before that, a Kermit-green Targa was caught hauling its "absurdly complicated" roof section around the Green Hell. Debuts are still thought to be some ways away. The standard convertible 911 models are expected on sale this summer, the Turbo debut could come at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the Turbo Convertible perhaps penciled in for the L.A. Auto Show or sometime early next year. Much speed is on the way.

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