Porsche Taycan owners will get 3 years of free charging

Free charging is courtesy of Electrify America

One of the perks of owning a Tesla is access to the Supercharger network of fast chargers, and especially the early offer of free charging there with certain models. So it's not entirely surprising that Porsche will provide a similar program to buyers of the Porsche Taycan electric sports sedan. For the first three years of ownership, Taycan customers will be able to charge for free at Electrify America charging stations. This also isn't a surprise since Porsche's parent company Volkswagen owns and operates Electrify America. But Porsche isn't the only one providing free access to the network, Lucid Motors is, too.

According to Porsche, Electrify America will have 484 nationwide locations for charging this summer, which comes ahead of the Taycan's late 2019 launch. Stations, on average, will be 70 miles apart on highways, and never more than 120 miles from each other. This is a smaller number of stations than Tesla's Supercharger network, which has 1,422 stations, but Electrify America has only been around since the end of 2016. All of Porsche's 191 dealerships will also be adding chargers, too. Plus, the Taycan will use the SAE type of plug, so other public stations with that connection will be accessible, just not for free.

Each Electrify America station will feature at least two 350-kW chargers for fast charging. Of the 191 Porsche dealers, 120 will have 320-kW chargers. If any of these chargers are 800-volt units, owners should be able to obtain at least 60 miles of range in 4 minutes, and potentially recharge to 80 percent capacity in 20 minutes.

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