Volkswagen's Electrify America plan is a green-themed EV apology

The three-stage plan involves a massive increase in charging infrastructure.

Volkswagen has given a name to the apology/$2 billion EV investment it agreed to with the US government – Electrify America. As names go, it certainly covers VW's new green focus, but it's the company's far-reaching plan that will really demonstrate its new agenda.

The three-stage process calls for VW to invest in EV infrastructure starting next year – plans include installing over 300 Level II or DC Fast Chargers in 15 American metropolitan areas, while also developing a nation-wide network of over 200 high-speed charging stations. Tesla, your Superchargers have some competition.

The company is doing some community outreach via the second step of its plan, which calls for "Increasing awareness and fostering education about EVs, charging availability, and the benefits of electric mobility." Volkswagen will also target a single, unnamed Californian city for its "Green City Initiative." The company's Californian efforts will include "future concepts of sustainable mobility," like emissions-free shuttles or buses and EV ride-sharing.

If you're thinking this all sounds a smidge light after nearly 500,000 VW diesels spent years spewing illegal levels of NOx into American skies, there is something you can do. Volkswagen's Electrify America website is currently taking proposals "that may help inform [Volkswagen's] investment plans over the next 10 years." You know, because when you want rational, mature suggestions on a serious matter, the internet is the place to turn. It's unclear what these proposals – the serious ones – will focus on, but the website recommends individuals work with local, state, and federal authorities to develop their ideas.

Volkswagen's plan calls for four 30-month investment cycles, starting on January 16 of 2017. That's also the deadline for the first round of online proposals. On February 22 of next year, the company will release its first investment plan to the EPA and CARB. Expect to hear a lot more about VW's Electrify America initiative, especially as the above dates approach.

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