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Toyota's longest-wrapped present, the Supra, inspires holiday gift wrap

Wrap your presents like Toyota wraps the A90 Supra

By now, many associate the upcoming Toyota Supra, finally due to be revealed next month in Detroit, with the colorful red-grey-black-silver camouflage it's worn for what seems like years. The wraps will come off to show what spy shots have depicted as a rather good-looking sports car, but what if you've grown attached to that particular camo? Worry not, since Toyota UK has come up with a solution.

Supra camo wrapping paper.

Toyota UK announced on the weekend that 500 rolls of Supra A90 themed wrapping paper will be available and sold for £5 ($6.30) a roll to UK customers. All proceeds from the sales will go to a UK homeless charity, in the spirit of Christmas.

While Christmas gift wrappers don't have much time, as it's dangerously close to Christmas, the paper will still be of use even after the holiday season. The camouflage has by now become such an integral part of the long-awaited A90-chassis Supra, it sort of feels like production cars should continue to wear the color scheme.

So buy a new Supra, wrap it up with rolls of this stuff, and enjoy the feeling of driving your own development mule. A camo wrap will also come handy for drivers of old GT86, Celica or BMW Z4 coupes who are just a bit short of new Supra money — apply the A90 wrap and fool everybody.

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