Toyota finally, finally revealing 2020 Supra at Detroit Auto Show

Related to the BMW Z4, it’ll go on sale in the first half of 2019

  • Image Credit: Toyota
We feel like we've been talking about the imminent return of the Toyota Supra for a million years. Longer. The slow trickle of information, including a drive of the prototype in Spain back in September, has not gone over very well according to you — enthusiast readers who've left us a bunch of feedback on the long wait and the dearth of specs. And the car's early reception hasn't been all positive.

It doesn't help things any that the car was co-developed with BMW, using a BMW engine, transmission and a myriad of other bits. Even so, Toyota swears they're developing the car using this hardware without talking to BMW engineers during development. While it's the spiritual successor to the last Supra sold here, it doesn't descend from it in any respect.

Even so, it looks sharp, aggressive and modern — despite the crazy camouflage. At the 2019 Detroit Auto Show in January, we'll finally see it without the camo. And we'll get real specs and details, not simply a bunch of educated conjecture. And hopefully Toyota will have finalized some of the tuning and chassis calibration, since on our prototype drive we weren't convinced it had the gumption to take on top competition from Porsche — and it was far too quiet for our taste. We also had reservations about the steering and brakes.

It's not all bad news. Our early prototype drive was of an unfinished car, it had plenty of torque, and it loves being fed throttle in a turn. Most of the other issues might be fixed in calibration. We'll know more about that when we drive a production model. Until then, we'll be eagerly awaiting its production debut in Detroit.

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