Sometimes beauty is more than skin deep.It's true of people more often than we like to admit.It's even more often true of machines.Experienced engineers will tell you that when it looks right, it works right.That brings us to the current Toyota Celica, with its racy, razor-edge lines, looking like…

2005 Toyota Celica - 3dr Hatchback (GT)
3dr Hatchback (GT)
1.8L I-4
27 City / 33 HWY
2005 Toyota Celica - 3dr Hatchback (GTS)
3dr Hatchback (GTS)
1.8L I-4
24 City / 33 HWY
Help us find this long-lost 1977 Star Wars Toyota Celica GT

This is your yearly reminder.

The search continues.
A new Toyota MR2? We want to believe

A new MR2, or just a lighter, smaller compliment to the 86? Place your bets.
Junkyard Gem: 1985 Toyota Celica Liftback, Rusty Jones Failure Edition

Tie-dyed interior, lots of miles, and not-so-successful Rusty Jones protection

These cars were once everywhere, but most rusted to nothingness decades ago. This one lasted 32 years before showing up in this Denver self-service wrecking yard.

For Sale

2003 Toyota Celica
$4,950 / 164,265 miles / CA
2001 Toyota Celica
$7,999 / 111,000 miles / CA
2003 Toyota Celica
$8,999 / 59,358 miles / CA
Watch a 1,000 hp Toyota Celica lose a wheel during drag race

After some impressive runs, a 2JZ-powered Celica has a mild disaster on the strip.

A fun time at the drag strip went bad for the owner of a 1,000-horsepower Toyota Celica, after a hard launch sheared the lug nuts from a drive wheel.

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