2019 Mazda CX-5 turbo model seemingly confirmed, doesn't come cheap

More leaked documentation reveals the details

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We reported last month on some leaked documents that announced the 2019 Mazda CX-5 would get the turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder as an option, and it's looking even more official now that additional documents have appeared on Reddit. The new information comes from a "Product Information Bulletin" that not only confirms the engine's availability but reveals pricing, trims and feature sets for the new model year.

As it turns out, the turbo CX-5 won't be cheap. The base price for a CX-5 with that engine will be $35,865 with destination. That's about $5,500 more than the cheapest turbocharged Mazda6. There are a couple of reasons for this. The turbo engine will only be available on two new high-end trims for the CX-5, Grand Touring Reserve and Signature. Both of those trims bring a variety of high-end features and options with them. It can also only be paired with all-wheel drive. The Mazda6 turbo engine is available on the slightly lower Grand Touring trim and is only paired to a front-drive drivetrain.

Conspicuously absent from the 2019 documentation though is the elusive Skyactiv-D diesel engine. This is strange, since the engine has been rated by the EPA, so it's presumably ready for introduction to the U.S. market. We'll be curious to learn that engine's fate. We could see the turbo gas engine threatening the diesel's U.S. introduction, since it delivers the same amount of torque as the diesel with more horsepower. Plus the diesel didn't get amazing EPA numbers. But that's just speculation on our part, and it's entirely possible the diesel will still come here.

The rest of the CX-5 lineup sees some welcome upgrades, too. The infotainment on CX-5s starting with the second-lowest Touring model will get standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. All models also will receive G-Vectoring Plus. The feature, along with the turbo engine option, was announced for the Japanese CX-5 recently. What this system adds is a little bit of braking force to the outside wheel as the driver winds the wheel back to a straight position when exiting a corner or completing a lane-change. The idea is that it helps make the car more stable when straightening out after a turn.

Also, although the turbo CX-5 models will be rather pricey, the other CX-5 models won't change much in price. The base Sport trim starts at $200 more than the 2018, the Touring model increases just $100, and the Grand Touring goes up by $400.

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