Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury fully revealed, tea set and all

Following last week's big leak, here's what more there is to say

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Mercedes has officially unveiled its Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury concept following a leak of most of the details last week. As we learned last week, the unusual looking sedan-SUV crossbreed is fully electric with four motors producing a whopping 750 horsepower. Combined with an 80 kWh battery, Mercedes estimates it should have a range of over 200 miles on the European test cycle. It also can handle extremely fast charging from DC chargers outputting 350 kW. Mercedes claims this allows it to gain 60 miles of range in 5 minutes.

But there are a number of interesting details that weren't leaked. Many of them have to do with the car's Chinese inspiration, which is perhaps not that surprising for a car that makes its debut in China. The body style is the first influence, which Mercedes says combines the sedan and SUV, the best-selling car classes in the country.

On the inside, there are a pair of cues inspired by China. The first is the ebony wood trim that Mercedes calls "Magic Wood." The company says it's very similar to that used in Chinese furniture. In the back, between the two highly adjustable white leather seats with rose-gold stitching, is a complete tea set. And not only does it contain all the containers for tea, but it actually has a variety of teas on offer. They're there to be used in conjunction with the car's relaxation modes that combine lighting, music and scents to set the mood.

It's hard to say whether this concept will spawn a production model, since the body style is unlike any currently offered by Mercedes-Benz. But with the crossover SUV market staying hot, and competitors such as Audi and BMW bringing out extra-large SUVs, we wouldn't be surprised if Mercedes eventually offers at least a Maybach-level version of its GLS-Class, if not its own model.

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