Lincoln plans pilot subscription service for pre-owned vehicles

It'll offer 2017 Lincolns in San Francisco and West Los Angeles

Lincoln's foray into the world of monthly subscriptions will follow the mold of Ford's Canvas program and launch a pilot service offering a range of pre-owned 2017 Lincoln vehicles in West Los Angeles and the San Francisco area.

Lincoln first announced plans for a subscription service on the sidelines of the L.A. Auto Show. The luxury automaker says its new service will allow customers to have a vehicle "as if it were their own," with a monthly payment that covers a prescribed mileage package and includes comprehensive insurance, warranty, maintenance and roadside assistance.

It'll be based on Ford's nearly year-old Canvas program, also offered in the Bay Area and West Los Angeles. It offers pre-owned Ford vehicles on a monthly subscription basis, including insurance, maintenance and warranty coverage. Terms for that program are one to 12 months, with an ability to swap cars at any time.

While Lincoln didn't announced pricing or a start date for its own subscription program, Canvas' existing service starts at $400 a month, not including tax and depending on vehicle and other options, for pre-owned Ford vehicles. Ford in February said its Canvas fleet has more than 600 customers who've logged more than 3 million miles in the two markets.

Lincoln joins a growing list of automakers including Volvo, Cadillac and Porsche who are offering monthly subscription services as an alternative to traditional ownership or leasing. The subscription service will also come with Lincoln's Pickup & Delivery program, in which a valet picks up a customer's vehicle for service at any location and provides them with a loaner Lincoln before returning their vehicle.

Lincoln also reiterated its plans to expand its Lincoln Personal Driver service first piloted in San Diego and Miami to Dallas, saying it will soon be integrated into the Lincoln Way mobile app. The service, previously called Lincoln Chauffeur, allows customers to call on a screened personal driver who can also assist with errands while the customers attend to other matters.

The luxury brand is emphasizing "warm, human and effortless" services as a way to differentiate itself from its competitors.

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