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U.S. new vehicle sales will show a 3.5-percent rise in November from a year earlier with retailers stretching out Black Friday deals for the full month.


It offers to buy car, cat and coffee mug after eBay pulls listing

They're offering $5,000 for the cat featured in the viral commercial.


From passion project to a marriage proposal.

From passion project to a marriage proposal.


"Luxury is a state of mind."

"Luxury is a state of mind."


The pint-sized VW Beetle has a loyal fanbase in Ethiopia.

"They never fail you - they take you anywhere and have excellent functionality."


On average, it takes just over 33 days to sell a used vehicle in America. Some vehicles, particular electric cars, sell much more quickly.

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They can, and do, show up on the market.

Why some flood-damaged cars are sold with clean titles.

Expect special promotions like this with other automakers in the future

Expect deals like this with other automakers in the future, Costco says

After a disaster, the National Insurance Crime Bureau works with companies and authorities to identify cars with insurance claims to process them for sale.


Chassis GT/108 will be on display at The Quail during the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.

The rest have been topped or chopped.

As Ford's 2018 Mustang info pours in, our Detroit-based editorial team elected to 'build' their own Mustangs, using Ford's online configurator.


iSeeCars looked at depreciation of three-year-old cars to find which are most heavily discounted. Here are 11 of the top used car bargains.

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Introduced as a manned-up option for Pontiac's compact Tempest, the early GTO was 389 cubic inches of romp and stomp.

At the time of the Hummer launch, America's economy was on the rebound, and the truck had a role in pushing Iraq out of Kuwait.

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If you're hoping to bridge the socioeconomic gap, try a pre-owned Mercedes.

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Honda's two-place convertible is a Miata with more power or a Z4 with more attainability.


Some seven years after production of the SC 430 ended, a coupe/convertible prospect has the benefit of both hindsight and nostalgia.

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Got $30,000? How about a pre-owned BMW M3.

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If you're looking for the charm of the original, you'll need to go back 20+ years.

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Although not the zoomiest, Mazda's 3-row CX-9 is the roomiest.