Lynk & Co reveals 02 crossover hatchback and European sales plans

A fashion brand is also coming soon

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Lynk & Co has just revealed a new model, the 02. Confusingly, it's the third model from the Chinese brand under the Geely umbrella with Volvo. Its second model was the 03 sedan. The company hasn't revealed many details about the vehicle itself, but it's obviously a small hatchback with crossover leanings.

The 02 will also be built at Volvo's production facility in Belgium. We assume it uses Volvo's compact modular architecture and Volvo powertrains. The company says it will only be offering cars with electrified powertrains in Europe, but hybrids are also possible in certain markets.

Lynk's baby CUV has large, chunky plastic fender flares and a relatively tall stance. The headlight treatment is what you'd expect from Lynk & Co. It has split headlights with the upper lamps sitting practically on top of the fenders. It also has the odd rectangular grille across the front. One nifty detail are wheels with angular, almost random triangular designs and interesting use of accent colors.

Lynk & Co also revealed its plans for sales in Europe. The company is already selling cars in China, and its first location for European sales will be Amsterdam. The next locations are Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels and London. The company calls its dealers "Offline Stores." Instead of outright purchasing, the company is developing subscription and car-sharing sales models.

And in one final oddball bit of news, it seems Lynk & Co is creating a fashion line with a company called Tictail to go along with the car line.

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