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Is a Jeep Renegade Hybrid coming soon?

Be it a hybrid or a 48-volt system, Trailhawk implies it'll be widely available

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We've known that Jeep is working on an updated Renegade. We've seen prototypes with updated front and rear fascias and with updated interiors. But it seems that the next Renegade will have more than just cosmetic updates. One of our spy photographers caught Jeep testing a Renegade Trailhawk that looks like a normal current one, but it has an electric shock warning sign in the window. Can we therefore assume it'll be a Jeep Renegade Hybrid?

This sign seems to indicate that the Renegade will offer some sort of electrified powertrain. And its use on a lifted, off-road oriented Renegade Trailhawk seems to indicate that it'll be available throughout the trim level lineup.

The question is, will it really be a hybrid or something like the Wrangler four-cylinder that features a 48-volt electrical system and a starter/generator for mild electrical assistance? This system is becoming more and more common as a way for car companies to eke out a few more mpg as well as adding some performance gains.

Then again, we never saw this sign in any prototype Wranglers, so it could be possible this Renegade is using a more traditional hybrid system like you would find in a Prius or Ioniq. FCA certainly has experience with full hybrids, as evidenced by the Pacifica PHEV. The Wrangler will be getting a PHEV iteration, too.

We probably don't have long to find out what sort of electrification the Renegade will receive. The visually updated prototypes we've seen aren't radically changed, so it likely won't take long to finish testing and release them. We're expecting to see the little SUV revealed by the end of the year, and probably on lots early in 2019.

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