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Barely disguised 2019 Toyota Supra spied in the snow

Even more photos of the production-ready car

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In the past week, we've more or less seen the 2019 Toyota Supra sports car before its Geneva Motor Show debut. First, photos appeared in a Japanese car magazine purporting to be leaked images of the production car. That was followed by an up-close spy shot of a prototype on a car hauler that seemed to confirm what we saw in the leaked photos. Now we get even more shots of a lightly camouflaged Supra prototype that further verifies the spy shots, and gives us a solid look at the Supra's tail end.

From the front and sides, there aren't many new revelations. We can spot the little extra air inlets in the sides of the front bumper and leading into the rear fenders. We're also now able to see the vents in the tops of the front fenders. We sadly can't tell how tall the center grille is because of the front-mounted license plate. An interesting thing to note is that on the right side of the car, part of the grille has a smooth section, while on the opposite side it looks like plain grille mesh. This leads us to believe the smooth side hides some sort of sensors for adaptive cruise control and such.

The rear of the car is the part of which we've seen the least. Regrettably, the snow covers up a lot of detail, but the bumper is pretty easy to make out. It has the aggressive diffuser look shown in the leaked photos, and there's a central area that would easily fit the rear fog light shown in those images. Other details that match up are the large dual-exhaust outlets and the small rectangular reflectors above each of them.

The car will make its full, official debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Based on leaked specs, we're expecting at least 335 horsepower. Many of the mechanical parts will be shared with the BMW Z4 since the cars were developed jointly between the two companies.

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