Toyota Supra to be little more than a rebodied BMW Z4?

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A power user going by the handle "ynguldyn" on the Bimmerpost forums, with a five-year history of posting scoops, has leaked more secrets on the coming Toyota Supra. Instead of clarifying what we can expect from Toyota's rebooted hero car, these new rumors confuse the issue — and if they're true, the new Supra gets further away from the thrill of the old Supra every time we hear about it.

For starters, ynguldyn says the coupe "will be Toyota in name and body design only." We already knew that the Supra's interior came bundled from the BMW parts bin, but now we're told that the Supra will use the "same options, same colors, same interior materials." What's more, some of those colors will also come from the BMW bin, and hark back to near the time the last Supra disappeared: Glacier Silver, Atacama Yellow, and Crimson Red, anyone?

Last we heard on Supra engine choices, Autocar reported there'd be one engine, an inline-six, in four states of tune. The Bimmerpost thread counters that, saying the Supra will get three engines — two four-cylinders and a six-cylinder, with the U.S. getting one four-pot and the six. That tidbit echoes a leaked BMW document from August 2017 saying the same thing. The Supra would top out at 335 hp, while the sister-car BMW Z4 would get a 380-hp inline-six in the M40i. The only way to partially reconcile the Autocar and Bimmerpost news would be if Toyota did indeed offer the sixxer in four tunes in the U.S. There's still the question of where that four-cylinder belongs, though.

But wait, there's more bad news: The Supra would live beneath the Z4 in market positioning, and will not come with a manual — you're looking at an eight-speed, torque-converter automatic. Ynguldyn says, "The barebones 30i [U.S.-spec four-cylinder] will have manual seat adjustments and no nav system." We'd say "Ugh," except that these are only rumors, and we'll just have to wait for the Supra's reveal later this year to decide where our hopes should go.

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