Rimac Automobili will introduce its second electric hypercar, the Concept Two, at this year's Geneva Motor Show. The Croatian carmaker says "Concept Two" is a working title, we could get the production brand name at Geneva. Until then, we have's Rimac's teaser video and a few snippets of insider trading to get us through the next two months. On the subject of that video, Rimac is but 9 years old, yet it knows how to make confounding, pre-presentation dubstep filler just as well as any legacy automaker.

Whereas Rimac graced the world with only eight of its Concept One cars (one of which Richard Hammond crashed), company COO Monika Mikac said they plan to build 100 examples of the Concept Two and will have 20 ready for sale this year. Two not only comes after one, it is larger than one, and the Concept Two will be larger and more powerful than the Concept One, and get more variants. The all-wheel-drive Concept One made 1,224 horsepower and 1,180 pound-feet of torque from its two motors, could go 205 miles, and cost 1 million euros. We're told the Concept Two will exceed all of those figures. It's possible, then, that the Concept Two could also outdo its predecessor's 220-mph top speed.

After the coupe, convertible and track versions will come. About the only major tie between the One and the Two will be the design language, inspired by the lines of a necktie. Croatians invented the necktie, see.

No one would think us crazy to doubt such numbers from an Eastern European car company that has only produced 10 cars (eight were Concept Ones, two were Concept S "Evil Twin" hardcore coupes), but Rimac appears well-versed in the fighter's stance and footwork. Most important, it sold out its planned run and delivered every Concept One. The company's main revenue comes from supplying battery packs, though, such as those for the Koenigsegg Regera, and supplying batteries and infotainment systems for the Aston Martin Valkyrie. Furthermore, last year Rimac sealed 30 million euros in funding from Chinese lead-acid battery manufacturer Camel Group Ltd, ensuring the proper development of the Concept Two. We look forward to Geneva. And a less hyper video next time.

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