Video shows point of impact in Richard Hammond's Rimac crash

Following Richard Hammond's scary crash in a Rimac Concept One, more and more details have been coming out concerning the crash. In particular, video was released on various YouTube channels, including the one above from Nature Pictures, showing just how and where things went wrong. Watching the video, you'll notice that Hammond comes it pretty darn hot into a tight corner overlooking a hill. There's a slight kink right before turning hard left, and as Hammond turns slightly right, you can see the tail of the car kick out a bit. He steers back left hard and gets on the brakes, but doesn't have traction, so he hits the guard rail. From there, the car goes down the hill.

Mate Rimac, founder of the eponymous Croatian electric sports car company, spoke to Croatian car news site Vidi Auto, and told them that the car traveled about 1,000 feet horizontally and a bit over 300 feet vertically from point of impact. He said he didn't know what speed Hammond was going when the car wrecked.

What we gather from the video and other information surrounding the crash is that the car wasn't really at fault. It appears that Hammond got a little out of his element and couldn't get control of the car back in time to avoid an accident. It also happened in a location where going off was significantly worse than if the course was a flat racetrack with plenty of run-off. This isn't a condemnation of Hammond's driving skills either, as anyone could have just as easily wrecked in the same way. These are simply the risks that come with driving a fast car on a tight course with elevation. Mistakes happen, and those mistakes sometimes lead to dangerous consequences. Fortunately, everyone involved seems to have come out all right.

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