Now that new 2018 Lincoln Navigators are on their way to dealers, it's once again time for Matthew McConaughey to be weird behind the wheel in a new commercial. Things start out normally enough with the actor sitting in the SUV at a railroad crossing. But don't worry, it gets strange soon enough because for the rest of the commercial, McConaughey just drums on the Lincoln's steering wheel, a bit like in that disconcerting lunch scene in The Wolf of Wall Street. And the whole time, the actor doesn't say a word. He just drums along to the train and the crossing bells. Then he drives away.

And that's it. It's just McConaughey drumming. The ad actually doesn't even show much of the Navigator, and obviously there isn't a word said about it. The most you might be able to learn about the Navigator from this commercial is that it's an SUV, it has an interior that has chrome and leather, and it has those "piano key" buttons for the shifter. We get that the first McConaughey commercials went viral and were frequently parodied for how bizarre they were, and the last Continental ad was also pretty off-the-wall.

That was all good for getting attention from younger buyers, but we wonder if these ads are losing their punch and effectiveness. And if they have, then this ad doesn't do anything else to give buyers a sense of what the Navigator is. That's a shame, because the newest Navigator has a lot going for it. Instead, we get McConaughey drumming. Enjoy.

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