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2019 Hyundai Veloster Turbo caught uncovered at video shoot

It doesn't have the technicolor dream wrap anymore.

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Here's the fully revealed Hyundai Veloster Turbo, and it appears to be moving pretty quickly based on the blur in the photos. That's understandable because our spy photographer got these shots during a video shoot of the Hyundai's latest hatchback in which it was probably being driven aggressively for good footage.

Despite the blur, we can tell quite a bit from the images. First off, we know it's a Turbo model because of its large, round, center exhaust tips. We can also see that the Veloster is hopping on the contrast roof bandwagon, but at least to this editor's eye, the design seems well-suited to the paint scheme. The roof line itself also looks as though it drops down more drastically than the previous model. The rear window is notably wider than the old model, and the slimmer, wider taillights are flush with the glass.

We're focusing more on the tail since we already got a good look at the front of the Veloster when Hyundai released official images of the car in snazzy multi-colored camouflage. The car's frown does look more pronounced in a single color, though. It seems the Turbo version also gets a small additional intake inlet in the bottom of the front bumper compared with the normal version.

We expect to see the fully uncovered car in person at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. It will likely appear alongside the less-powerful version. There's also an N version in the works, but it's possible Hyundai won't reveal that until later in the year.

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