This 10.8-mile Ford GT could be yours

It's expected to go for over $300,000

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A car is only ever new once, and some owners try to keep that feeling as long as they possibly can, such as with the above 2006 Ford GT. The car will be offered by RM Sotheby's at the company's Fort Lauderdale auction, and it astonishingly has just 10.8 miles on the odometer. With so few miles, this car practically is new, despite being over a decade old.

To complete the like-new feel, the car still has the original plastic wrap that covered the leather seats. And the tag around the shifter warning drivers that the car is low and could scrape and be damaged. The engine bay is thoroughly clean, too. RM Sotheby's also notes the car is nicely equipped with optional stripes, painted brake calipers and forged BBS wheels.

We admire the current owner's remarkable restraint to keep from piling on the miles with this car. We'd be daily-driving it and then some, if it were our car. But on the other hand, we can't help but feel that the owner really missed out on something by never driving it. At least he'll have the car's high value to make up for it. RM Sotheby's expects the car to sell for between $300,000 and $350,000. These numbers almost identically reflect the $307,000 to $348,000 valuation from Hagery Insurance. But for bargain hunters, there's the slim chance it goes for less, since the car is being offered at no reserve, which means whatever the highest bid is, it takes the car home. Those interested in purchasing the car could check out the auction in April 2018.

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