Mitsubishi Electric – a separate arm from Mitsubishi Motors ­– specializes in electronics. That includes things like air conditioning and refrigerators, but also covers a number of automotive systems and parts ranging from engine control units to power steering to electrification products. Now, Mitsubishi Electric is putting that expertise to use in the field of future mobility, unveiling an entire concept car, called the Emirai 4, for the Tokyo Motor Show.

The Emirai 4 is electric, and can switch between normal and autonomous driving. It has a head-up display that uses augmented reality, powered by high-accuracy 3D mapping and positioning tech, to emphasize lane markings, making them more visible at night or in lousy weather. A central display is equipped with a sliding knob that can be assigned various functions, and is intended to help the driver keep their eyes on the road.

The car is also equipped with a driver sensing system. It uses an interior camera to monitor the driver and passenger by detecting head position and posture. It can alert the driver to unsafe driving, respond to the driver or passenger's individual conditions to make them more comfortable, and aids in providing a smooth transition between autonomous and manual driving modes.

The Emirai 4 also features an intelligent lighting system that detects when someone is going to open the door. That way, it can project an image onto the road and light up an alert on the rear of the car to alert passersby, hopefully preventing a collision with the door buy a pedestrian, cyclist, or another motorist.

We'll be at the Tokyo Motor Show, so we'll be able to dig a little deeper into how these systems work (and get some better photos) when we see the Emirai 4 in person.

This won't be the only concept bearing the Mitsubishi name at the Tokyo Motor Show. Mitsubishi Motors is planning its own unveiling of an electric vehicle called the e-Evolution. That all-wheel-drive SUV uses artificial intelligence to improve your driving skills. Mitsubishi has been teasing the e-Evolution, which borrows its name from the hardcore Lancer we all know and love, and it will get its full reveal next week.

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