Land Rover will let you drive a Defender off-road in America, for a price

Live the Defender life for a day. Or half a day.

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Last year, Land Rover announced that it would offer tours to see how the company restores old Defenders and Series models, as well as the opportunity to drive a Defender around the company's off-road test track. It seemed like a cool program, but with the experience only in the U.K., it was obviously a bit inconvenient for American Land Rover fans. But now, Yanks can also get a turn behind the wheel of a Defender as part of a new Heritage Program offered at Land Rover Experience Centers in Carmel, Calif., Asheville, N.C., and Manchester, Vt.

People can sign up to drive one of the classic boxy off-roaders for a half-day or a full day. The program includes instruction from Land Rover staff on how to handle different obstacles, which include grass, mud, ruts and water. In addition to the Defender, participants can also drive Discoveries and Range Rovers.

This particular driving experience with classic Land Rovers will be offered starting this month. You'd better have plenty of cash, too. The half-day experience is a hefty $1,200. The full day experience is more at $1,500, but seems like the way to go to get the most driving for your money. Either way, the experience is still cheaper than buying and maintaining a Defender of your own.

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