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2017 Nissan Titan PRO-4X | Build yourself a brute

With the introduction last year of Nissan's Titan XD, offering big shoulders and Cummins power, Nissan's truck team finally took something beyond a stutter step into the hearts and minds of truck buyers. While admitting that its 'tweener — more capability than a half-ton but requiring less commitment than a true heavy-duty — might take awhile for the buying public to appreciate, Nissan provided a nice halo product for the now-rounded-out Titan lineup. Let's "build" one.

We're writing this from Autoblog's satellite offices near D.C., where four-wheel drive is a good call, given Northern Virginia's easy access to snowbelt states Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. And if going with a 4X4 Titan, you might as well pull the trigger on the PRO-4X; if you don't, you'll wish you had.

If not opting for the Cummins-powered XD, Nissan supplies a re-engineered 32-valve, DOHC 5.6-liter V8. Although that isn't the stump-puller the Cummins is, you can enjoy 390 horsepower driving all four wheels through a seven-speed automatic and two-speed transfer case. When compared to the XD, the Titan's platform is more compact, sitting on a wheelbase (140 inches) abbreviated by a foot, and with an overall length ( 228 inches) almost 15 inches shorter!

In combination with its four-wheel drive, the PRO-4X delivers a 9,000-pound towing capacity, 275/70R18 all-terrain tires mounted on alloy wheels, Bilstein offroad-specific shocks, an electronic rear locking differential, two-speed transfer case and lower radiator skid plates. While the Titan's size and weight discourage tight, technical trails or boulder hopping, this is one credible adventure vehicle, putting you that much closer to your hiking, biking, fishing or hunting.

Inside, the King Cab — introduced to the Titan lineup this spring — allows secure room for gear, without the visual bulk associated with a four-door crew cab. Owners will find the Titan's dash layout reasonably intuitive, and while plastic (of course) prevails, it's 10 years better than that found on the smaller Frontier. On the PRO-4X, you'll enjoy a 7-inch color touchscreen, Sirius XM Traffic and Trail, Nissan Voice Recognition, blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alert. In short, go back to sleep – the Titan has you covered.

With a base price of $43,290, plus $1,800 for Nissan's Utility and Towing package, $3,000+ for 'Convenience', just over $300 for the bed extender and $1,195 for delivery, our PRO-4X is $49,925 plus taxes, title and license. Like most makers of fullsize pickups, Nissan offers a bed full of discounts, generally big enough to take care of the title and license fees — incentives might even cover the Convenience package. Regardless, given the competition and Nissan's very real need to gain traction in the segment, it's a buyers' market. And with an all-new, over-engineered Titan, you can buy wisely.

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