Tesla announces Project Loveday ad contest winners

A while back, a man posted a copy of his daughter's letter to Tesla on Twitter, wherein she suggested a video contest to create a fan-made ad for the electric automaker. CEO Elon Musk loved the idea, and Project Loveday (borrowing the young girl's surname) was announced. Tesla recently narrowed the entries down to 10 favorites, and allowed the Twitterverse to vote on the winners with likes. The top three videos will be shown tonight at the Tesla Model 3 delivery event.

First place is from Marques Brownlee, called, simply, "Tesla Project Loveday Contest Entry!" It's just a dude running errands, packing his Model S full of stuff along the way. When he's short on room in the rear, he pops open the frunk and loads it up, too. Then comes the twist. We won't spoil it for you. Check it out, above.

The second place video comes from Everyday Astronaut. It's called "Spaceships. For Earth." It's a theme similar to at least one other video we've seen from a Tesla fan. A man is doing mundane things in an astronaut suit, including driving off in his Tesla Model X. It's a little funnier when you know a little more about the man behind the video, Tim Dodd, who " found himself the lone bidder of a Russian flight suit" in 2013. Check out the video below:

Third place goes to Sonja Jasansky, and her video titled, "Sonja's SUPER QUICK Tesla Fan Video!" It's an overview (true to the "super quick" in the title) answering common question about Tesla and its cars, even getting into the solar panels, energy storage, the Gigafactory, and the direct sales part of the Tesla business model. Here it is:

Didn't get enough? Check out all 10 finalist videos here.

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