Fan-made Tesla commercial imagines a Model S that's out of this world

When you're a kid, anything is possible. With a bit of crayon, cardboard boxes can become helmets, or even space ships. All it takes is a bit of imagination. Replace that crude packaging with something as refined a Tesla Model S and that fantasy world can kick into overdrive.

That's the premise behind a new 'ad' featuring Mace Coronel and his dad Marc, and co-starring our favorite all-electric road rocket. Although not commissioned by Tesla Motors (which did tweet about it), the minute-long spot is a great commercial for the company and its battery-powered sedan. It also serves as a excellent advertisement for Everdream Pictures, the minds behind the fancy editing and camera work, as it aptly demonstrates that outfit's "Imagination in Motion" tagline.

It's not the first promotional film put together by fans of the sedan – see also: Gallons of Light – but this footage certainly captured our imaginations. Scroll below to see if you are equally as impressed.


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