VW says I.D. electric's price will undercut Tesla Model 3 by $7K-8K

The concept's production version is only a couple years away.

  • Image Credit: Drew Phillips
In a recent automobile industry symposium, Automobil Forum 2017 held in Munich, Germany, Volkswagen Head of Group Strategy Dr. Thomas Sedran disclosed planned pricing for the upcoming Golf-sized electric vehicle known as the I.D. The EV is to reach production in 2019 or 2020 depending on which report you believe, and Sedran said it will cost $7,000-$8,000 less than the Tesla Model 3.

The Tesla has been said to have a base price of $35,000 -- though a "typical," more-loaded Model 3 example has been estimated to sell at over $50K. Sedran specifically mentioned the I.D's price in US dollars, according to the website automobil-produktion. Assuming Sedran is talking base price, the I.D. would start from $27,000.

The 168-horsepower I.D. is expected to have a range of 249 to 373 miles (or rather, 400-600 kilometers). Inside EVs thinks that will amount to 175-265 miles in real-world usage, and Electrek noted that a range comparison brandished by Volkswagen showed Tesla's Model 3 to have a 345km/215-mile range, but that's solely based on a Tesla statement and not based on the New European Driving Cycle, a number Tesla has not disclosed for the Model 3.

In addition to the I.D., VW has the I.D. Buzz in the works, the exciting possibility of an all-electric revival of the beloved Microbus.

VW has previously said that the production I.D. will go fully autonomous in 2025, around the time the company expects be building 1 million EVs yearly.

In the future, it's important for Volkswagen to have a Golf-sized car, whether or not fossil fuels become a thing of the past. Having moved to Volkswagen from competitor marque Opel in mid-2015, Dr. Sedran certainly recognizes the importance of a Golf-segment car in Europe.

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