Renault creates nail polish that doubles as touch-up paint

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Apparently Renault must think the colors available on its Twingo hatchback are pretty fashionable, because the company is launching a line of nail polishes in four Twingo colors. The nail polishes are available in yellow, red, black, and a very pale blue, and they all match the paint colors exactly. That's an important thing, because apparently these polishes also work as touch-up paint.

The polish was developed in coordination with cosmetics company De Blangy, and according to Renault, the owner simply has to brush it on for a quick repair to any scratches. We do wonder what kind of nail polish remover it would take to get it off one's fingernails, though, if it's tough enough to be used as automotive paint. Still, it's a unique and interesting product that will provide nail polish users a convenient way to address any sort of damage their cars incur.

The nail polish is available now to order at the Atelier Renault online store. One bottle costs €8.90, or $9.92 at current exchange rates. It also appears that the company will ship internationally. So even though you can't get a Twingo here in the States, if you like the color enough, you can still get the polish.

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