In addition to the stock voices and handful of celebrity voices the Waze navigation app offers – such as Morgan Freeman and Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen – it will now let you record your own voice for navigation directions. It's only available on the Android Waze app, but will arrive on the iOS version soon.

If you have Waze for Android and want to try it, simply go into the "Sound & Voice" folder in the app's settings and find "Voice Recorder." From here, you can record voiceovers for general navigation prompts. Then you can listen to yourself tell you where to go. And if you take a different turn than the navigation says, you can listen to yourself yell at you to turn around. And then you can yell at yourself yelling at yourself that you know what you're doing. Where were we?

Granted, many people don't like the way how they sound when they hear their voice recorded. But who said you had to record your own voice? You could record your significant other's voice, or your kids, or perhaps even your parents. The makers of Waze suggest having fun with it by singing directions, or even yodeling them (we're not making that up, they really suggest that).

You could even use the creative freedom of the Waze voice recorder to play pranks on your friends. You could grab a friend's phone and record your terrible impersonation of Julia Child on their Waze app. Or perhaps you could record useless voiceover for the navigation cues. For instance, you could make the Waze app sound annoyed and record things like, "I'm not talking to you anymore," and, "Find your own way," for each prompt. Just make sure your friend has a good sense of humor...

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