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The app works nearly as well as it does on your phone.

It's a "different roadmap" from Uber or Lyft.

Or your significant other, or your friend, or ...

You can get creative with navigation, for better or worse.

You can start Waze navigation from Spotify and access Spotify playlists within Waze.

Launching this fall, it'll be more about carpooling than on-demand trips.

Google thinks that Waze can be more than just a map app.

Never bring a GPS app to a gun fight.

Waze will help you avoid what it calls "difficult intersections," at least if you live in Los Angeles.

Android Auto will soon run entirely on your phone while offering the same features as if it were connected to your dash.

The new Waze Rider app will allow 25,000 employees at select Bay Area companies to get a ride to work with over 700,000 local drivers.

UC Santa Barbara's student team created user-tracking "ghost cars."

Switching on the app's invisible mode shields the user from being seen until an update fixes the issue.

According to the Lyft mobile application's update text, the Waze integration has arrived and is "rolling out nationwide."

Waze is now alerting drivers in Boston, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and Washington when they approach historically dangerous intersections.

Nearly five months after Waze rolled out its 4.0 update to iOS users, the service is finally doing the same for Android.

Morgan Freeman is the latest celebrity to record directions for Google's Waze app, where he joins famous voices such as Elvis and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The Google-owned Waze navigation app has close relationships with cities around the world. That friendliness could be a major advantage if Google launches an autonomous ridesharing service to challenge Uber.

It's been confirmed that Uber is using a camera-studded car to make maps, but it's not autonomous.

Google owns Waze, and this redesign is certainly welcome. But the app itself needs a fundamental upgrade.

Police Concerns Over Popular App Complicate Motorists' Rights To Free Speech

Standing on a sidewalk, Doug Odolecki holds a hand-written cardboard sign in his hands that warns motorists of a DUI checkpoint that law-enforcement officers have set up about a half mile up State Road. It reads: "Checkpoint ahead! Turn now!

In Miami, Law-Enforcement Officers Concerned Over Heightened Risk

Police officers in one major U.S. city are fighting back against Waze, a popular mobile app that reveals their locations to motorists.

TechCrunch reports that Facebook is moving to purchase the navigation and traffic app Waze for a lofty sum. The buy would be the latest in a long line of high-dollar acquisitions by the social networking site, and both sides of the acquisition have reportedly entered into advanced due diligence after negotiations began six months ago. Early estimates put the payout somewhere between $800 million and $1 billion... if both sides can overcome a few stumbling blocks. The biggest of those is whether

Social navigation apps are gaining momentum by the day and Waze is continuing to innovate with a new update that adds voice alerts for traffic. As the video demonstrates, if a driver sees a hazard – be it a speed trap or a patch of ice – he can record a short voice memo that will be pushed to other drivers in the area. When they approach the afflicted section of road or plan a route that includes the hazard, the voice alert automatically plays, warning them of the issue. The updated

Navigation has come a long way since Mapquest first hit the scene. Few of us are bumbling around our nation's highways with print-out directions anymore thanks to the wide availability of manufacturer and aftermarket nav systems. Even most phones have some sort of turn-by-turn directions on them, but even the best systems have a hard time keeping track of up to minute variations in traffic conditions. Which is why our curiosity has been peaked by the Waze app.

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