Maven Gig lets you rent a Bolt EV to deliver goods and people

General Motors' Maven car-sharing service has steadily been adding ways to rent cars for ride-sharing services, partnering with both Uber and Lyft. Today, the company announced an evolution of those services. It's called Maven Gig, and not only will it allow people to rent cars for ride-sharing, but also for independent shopping and delivery services. Among the services partnering with Maven on the program are restaurant food delivery service GrubHub, grocery shopping service Instacart, and package delivery service Roadie.

It works very much like the previous program. People that don't have a vehicle for ride-sharing or delivery, or don't want to put extra miles on a personal car, can rent a car from Maven. The cost is $225 per week, and it will get a renter a Chevy Bolt EV (the only car on offer to start), insurance coverage, free charging at EVgo chargers, and maintenance. From there, the renter simply has to pick up the car, and go about ferrying passengers, delivering food and groceries, or transporting packages as he or she desires. Users can choose to work for any company, whether it's a partner or not, and can also work for multiple companies for maximum returns.

For the time being, Maven Gig is only operating in San Diego. GM intends to expand Maven Gig services to Los Angeles and San Francisco later this year. Time will tell whether it becomes popular enough to merit expansion to other cities. Certainly the inclusion of all operating costs and not having to put miles on a personal vehicle are appealing features. On the flip side, Maven Gig could get fairly costly over time. A month of use would cost $900. In some areas, you could pay for a cheap car, insurance, maintenance, and gas for much less than that.

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