So, it's probably safe to say that most drivers love to see other drivers punished for bad driving. Whether it's someone getting instant karma for cutting in line or some vigilante justice meted out to a cabbie for cutting off an ambulance, I think we all enjoy a little vehicular Schadenfreude now and then. The latest extremely satisfying video of dumb drivers getting their comeuppance comes to us from the Atlanta metro area.

YouTube user "tehndn" uploaded a bit of dashcam footage of an incident he was involved in earlier this week. On the afternoon of April 24, our hero was cruising along a busy Atlanta-area street. The lane was clear ahead of him, but the opposite lane was stacked full of traffic. Suddenly, he came face to face with a silver Honda driving the wrong way.

Apparently the Honda driver thought he or she would be smart and bypass all the tedious traffic by driving down the opposing lane. Turns out this wasn't smart at all, since our man refused to give way and forced the Honda driver to reverse all the way back. To add insult to injury, the Honda driver was pretty bad at driving in reverse and speared the curb numerous times with both the front and rear wheels, evening driving up into the grass median a few times.

A whole lot of effort and embarrassment could have been saved if the Honda driver could have just waited out the traffic. On the other hand, if drivers were more competent and less patient, where would our funny videos come from?

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