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Most motorists usually drive their vehicle forward.

It is unavoidable that at some point, soon after you start driving, you will need to reverse into a parking space.

The Toyota Prius is designed to shut off the engine when stopped as an energy-conserving measure.

Reverse lights are also called backup lights.

When you roll up the power windows on your car, you can lift the power window switch and hold it until the window reaches the top.

This guy doesn't let a lack of revere gear in his Nissan Pathfinder keep up from getting around. A system of chains and rollers is a unique but clearly functional solution to the problem.

YouTube channel MinutePhysics takes a look at why it's more difficult to back a car up than it is to drive it forward.

Trying to write about the best scenes in Woody Allen's Annie Hall is like trying to find unhealthy food at McDonalds. Where do you even start? Luckily, this is a car site, so we can just skip to the part where Christopher Walken's character explains to Woody,

My son asked what would happen if his finger were in the path of the electric window when it closed. I suggested we stick a piece of Red Vine licorice in the window to find out. The results weren't pretty, though to this day I'm still finding tiny bits of red licorice stuck in the channels of the window frame. Boys...

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