Rude motorist experiences instant karma

So satisfying.

Stop me if you've heard this one before. There you are, stuck in heavy traffic on the freeway–due to construction lane closures or heavy traffic on an exit ramp for example–and some idiot comes barreling up an empty lane next to you only to stop at the front of the line of cars where they try to merge in. Infuriating, right? It's one of those many instances where you sit and think, among other things, "Man, if only there was a cop around to see this."

Today, we can all enjoy a little bit of schadenfreude while we watch this video of some idiot barreling up an empty lane past a line of cars stacked up in a freeway exit lane only to get nabbed by a Connecticut State Trooper. Way back at the end of February, an unidentified driver was cruising northbound up Interstate 91 near Hartford when cars started to stack up in the right hand exit lane. Without a care in the world, the driver flew past his fellow motorists, crossed the solid white line where the freeway and the exit diverged, then sneaked back into traffic. That's where the karma struck.

While in the process of enraging countless fellow motorists, the driver apparently missed the CSP cruiser just ahead of him with its lights on. The trooper immediately stopped, jumped out of her car, and emphatically gestured to the surprised driver to pull up next to her out of the traffic pattern. Clearly stunned at being held responsible for his boorish behavior, the driver pulled up to the visibly angry trooper. The end of the video cuts out just as the trooper starts dressing the driver down, but it's clear that he's being reprimanded for crossing a solid white line and not cutting in traffic.

There's no report of a warning or ticket issued, but hopefully this driver will think twice before cutting in line again.

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