Russian motorists attack cabbie for blocking ambulance

One Russian cabbie got more than he bargained for in late January when he decided to mix it up with an on-duty ambulance. Dashcam footage posted to 9News from an unidentified Russian city shows a Mercedes Sprinter-based ambulance with its emergency lights flashing attempting to merge left on a busy street. A minivan cab refused to let the ambulance in and the two vehicles sparred for a moment. The cab then sped ahead, cut the ambulance off, and stopped in the middle of the street. The ambulance stopped behind the taxi, and the cab driver exited his vehicle and approached the ambulance, where he attacked the ambulance driver.

As all this is going on, the cabbie failed to notice the other cars that have come to a stop around the ambulance. Two men exited their vehicles and made for the aggressive cabbie. They pushed him around for a bit, cheered on by a passenger in another stopped vehicle, then the men unceremoniously shoved the cabbie back into his cab head first. Being manhandled by a pair of good Samaritans hopefully taught the cabbie a lesson about hassling first responders.

This entire scene is set to a running commentary in Russian provided by the woman riding in the vehicle that recorded the incident. For most drivers, watching a cabbie assault a paramedic in the middle of traffic, then get stuffed back into his cab by burly passersby would be a big deal. For Russian motorists though, it is simply Sunday.

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