The Toyota 86 860 is a more expensive way to buy a BRZ Limited

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One thing that the Toyota 86 range lacks is comfort amenities like heated seats and automatic climate control, which are offered on its Subaru BRZ (near-)twin. It's also missing racing stripes. All of these things are solved with the new Toyota 86 860 edition, which adds features and decals. It comes with extra cost, though, and it's enough to make its Subaru twin pretty tempting.

The 860 name comes from the fact that Toyota will only build 860 units in the exclusive Supernova Orange seen above, as well as 860 units in the already available Halo White. (1720 edition doesn't start with the right numbers.) Both colors come with the black stripes that run from stem to stern. The package also adds a rear wing, heated side mirrors, and LED fog lights to the outside.

Inside, the car receives heated leather seats with orange stitching and dual-zone automatic climate control. The steering wheel, shift boot, and handbrake boot all get the same black and orange treatment as the seats, and there's a badge to show you have the special edition. And all of these features are unavailable on standard 86 models.

The problem here is with the price. The manual version of the 86 860 costs $30,040, and the automatic version costs $30,760. If you can do without the orange-and-black color scheme, you can have a manual Subaru BRZ Limited, which has the same feature list, for just $28,465. That's roughly a $1,500 savings. However, if you have your heart set on that orange or the Toyota badge, the 86 is your only option.

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