Ford is investing $200 million into a new wind tunnel complex

Ford is going to spend quite a bit of money on a high-tech wind tunnel testing facility (more so than what's shown above), and apparently it's all in the pursuit of greater fuel economy and performance. To do this, the facility will feature tunnels that can handle an array of situations including high speeds, extreme temperatures, and large vehicles.

On the performance front, one of the tunnels will feature special fast-moving belts, also called rolling roads, that will direct air around the car at up to 200 mph depending on how the multi-belt system is configured. That faster belt system will be useful for Ford's sports cars and race cars. Ford also says the five-belt system will be useful for improving aerodynamics for fuel efficiency.

Another portion of the facility will be able to simulate extreme temperatures. Ford says this particular test chamber will be able to cool things down to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit and heat things up to 140 degrees. The company also says the facility will also have large tunnels for its large trucks.

Construction of the 13-acre, $200 million facility starts this year. It will be built in Allen Park, Michigan.

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