Mitsubishi brings back the Eclipse as a crossover

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The rumors were correct. Mitsubishi announced Tuesday its new crossover will be called the Eclipse Cross. Based on the company's statements, the idea is this crossover has coupe-like style, which is why Mitsubishi chose the name of its well-known Eclipse two-door. In this form, however, it will also be a practical crossover – hence the Cross name.

Mitsubishi also released a few more teaser images that reveal a fair amount of the sport-ute. From what we can tell, the design closely follows that of the XR-PHEV II concept shown at Geneva two years ago. While the Eclipse Cross is certainly toned down compared with that concept, it still shares the basic grille treatment, side character line, taillights, and rear glass design.

We'll admit we're sad to see the name of a classic Japanese sports coupe take up residence on a small sport utility vehicle. In part because it just doesn't seem quite appropriate. But, also because it means we won't see a sports car with the name. Of course, Mitsubishi could go a long way to making us feel better by making, say, a high-performance, all-wheel-drive version of this crossover. It could be called Eclipse Cross GSX. Feel free to use that idea, Mitsubishi.

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