Take a moment to imagine the following situation. You've got a big meeting at work, first thing in the morning, but you overslept. You'll never make it to the office in time to dial in. What do you do? Well, it seems Ford has a solution: turn your car into a mobile meeting room.

According to this patent filed by the automaker, it could be possible for your car's infotainment system to automatically connect you to your meeting's conference call. It simply takes a look at the calendar on the phone or mobile device you've connected to the car, and calls in for you. This could certainly be a boon for work late-comers, or just people that are on the road and don't have time to stop for a conference call. The automatic operation would also help prevent having to fumble with the phone while on the road. Also, we imagine calendar access could allow for other features such as additional reminders for other tasks.

However, this is one more bit of technology that offers additional distraction to driving that we probably don't need. Although being automatic and hands-free is a plus, we're not sure we want a bunch of suits driving around, trying to remember last month's sales figures for a high-pressure meeting when they should be paying attention to the gaggle of nuns trying to cross the street. Besides that, do we really have to be accessible for work at every single moment of our lives? Maybe just take your drive as a mandatory break and relax to your favorite tunes.

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