NextEV sheds some light on its electric hypercar a week before launch

Here's the teaser before it's unveiled November 21st.

NextEV concept
NextEV concept / Image Credit: NextEV
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Recent days and weeks have been revealing for some electric car manufacturers. We caught some glimpses of Faraday Future's upcoming crossover, and a company called Workhorse Group detailed its plug-in electric pick-up concept in renders. Now, NextEV's hypercar project is showing its fancy headlights in a new official image.

With a week to go until the car's official unveiling, scheduled to take place in London on November 21, the head-on photo is one of the few instances the Chinese-based startup has shown its car in an official fashion. Some time earlier, the car was spotted testing at a UK track, and before that a video was circulated, depicting the two-seater car at the Nürburgring track in Germany. NextEV declared it a halo car of sorts, as it will spearhead their electric vehicle program with a wider range of models coming in the future.

Sadly, one of NextEV's most important figures, former Ford Europe executive Martin Leach, died of a rapidly-advancing illness in early November. Time will tell how much of an impact Leach's untimely passing will have affected the hypercar's launch, let alone the path of the entire brand. It is also unfortunate that Leach is not around to see the car reach production. Earlier this year, Leach disclosed that the vehicle would produce a megawatt of power, or 1,341 horsepower.

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