Honda Clarity Fuel Cell has the longest range of any EV: 366 miles

Hydrogen-powered Clarity's MPGe rating will be a somewhat modest 68.

If you want to go far without emitting anything from your tailpipe, your new road trip warrior is here. Honda announced today that its upcoming Clarity fuel cell vehicle will have an amazing 366-mile range. That's the most you can get from a zero-emission vehicle between recharging or refueling. The other electric vehicles with more than 300 miles of range are the battery-powered 2016 Tesla Model S P100D ( 315 miles) and the hydrogen-powered 2017 Toyota Mirai ( 312 miles).

WIth 68 MPGe, the Clarity Fuel Cell can't claim the highest miles per gallon of gasoline-equivalent rating in the US, since these are all based on official EPA numbers. That title goes to the BMW i3, with 124 MPGe. The hydrogen Clarity should arrive for lease in hydrogen-friendly California before the 2016 calendar runs out. It will be followed by all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions in the coming years.

The hydrogen Clarity will lease for about $500 a month, a bill that will almost certainly include the hydrogen fuel, since that's par for the course with hydrogen vehicles in the US right now.

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