What we know about the Volvo-based crossover from Lynk & Co.

Geely’s Lynk & Co. gives us a peek at its first car.

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Chinese automaker Geely is looking to capitalize on its ownership of Volvo by introducing a new brand, Lynk & Co. The brand, which is set to launch on October 20th, released some pictures and a short clip of its upcoming vehicle last night. They reveal a portion of the crossover's front and rear ends, as well as the vehicle's overall design.

A few days ago, we reported that the new brand would use Volvo's compact modular architecture (CMA) as a base for a new SUV, as well as a sedan. Unsurprisingly, Lynk & Co.'s first animation clip reveals the outline of a crossover. The video hides the majority of the vehicle's design except for its overall shape and headlights that appear to sit above the bumper in the plane of the hood.

Despite Lynk & Co. having its own website (which doesn't mention cars in any way), it chose to make the announcement on Tictail, an online marketplace that also has some blog posts thrown in for some odd reason. Besides the two teaser photos of the vehicle and the short animation, the post provides the launch date and some vague marketing-speak.

In the post, David Green, Chief Digital Officer for Lynk & Co., makes a grandiose but opaque statement about the brand looking to create something more substantial than a vehicle. "We have created a digital platform for new thinking, for sharing and for collaboration," he says. Before joining Lynk & Co., Green held multiple positions with Volvo. According to his LinkedIn profile, his most recent position of Market Development Director involved "strengthening the global market position towards new sales channel concepts such as e-commerce, digital services, next generation mobility and new business models for autonomous cars," which supports the statements about Lynk & Co. being a forward-thinking mobility company, possibly with a new distribution model. (Maybe they'll sell cars through Tictail?)

We know that the brand will use Volvo's CMA platform for its vehicles, which are expected to go into production in 2017. Volvo revealed its new architecture earlier this year with the Concept 40.1 crossover and 40.2 hatchback-like sedan. CMA will underpin various vehicles, including gasoline- and diesel- (though not in the US) powered ones, cars that use a battery-electric powertrain, and hybrids as well. Lynk & Co. will sell its vehicles in China first, followed by Europe and the US after. Because the CMA platform is being built with US crash regulations in mind, its products won't have the usual troubles of upstart foreign brands in this country, at least as far as regulation is concerned. It will need to establish a dealer network (it could piggyback on Volvo's) or create some sort of sharing network like Green alluded to.

We'll get a better look at Lynk & Co.'s crossover and, hopefully, get some more detail on the brand's vision for the future when it officially launches on October 20th.

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