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Polestar 2 will be based on the Volvo CMA platform

Polestar 2 will be based on the Volvo CMA platform.


Due in 2019, it will be based on Concept 40.2, offer various motors and batteries.

It will offer a selection of various motors and batteries.


It will use Volvo's Compact Modular Architecture for small cars.

The company is working toward a goal of a million electrified vehicle sales by 2025.

Spy Shots

The 02 shares facial features with its big brother, the 01.

The Geely-owned company uses Volvo architecture.


Geely’s Lynk & Co. gives us a peek at its first car.

The company and its first model are still shrouded in mystery.


No more same sausage, different lengths.

The 40-series cars will offer conventional engines, a new Twin Engine hybrid powertrain, and a full-EV powertrain.


Volvo plans to launch a compact crossover in the US in about three years, and the CUV likely uses the company's new Compact Modular Architecture. The S40 sedan and V40 wagon should arrive here, too.


Volvo gets into the details about its Compact Modular Architecture that will allow the Swedish brand to add some smaller entries to its lineup.