BMW just revealed the new 5 Series last week, but the company didn't plan on the powerful M5 leaking out so soon. The images come to us from Cameron Vanderhorst, host of the Cammed and Tubbed podcast. He said that they were sent to him from someone at BMW. As you can see, the images show CAD models of a 5 Series with an M badge on the back.

We can also see that this M5 will get an aggressive front fascia. The chin spoiler is quite deep, and the air vents, in addition to being larger, are also set deeper into the bumper. The changes at the back are subtler. The basic shape remains the same, with larger sections for exhaust and a faux diffuser in the middle. It also gets vertical rather than horizontal reflectors.

2018 BMW M5 rear fascia

We're expecting a twin-turbo V8 that if BMW is to be believed, won't make more than 600 horsepower. Autocar believes the engine will be a version of the current M5's 4.4-liter V8. The publication also expects the car to debut at the Geneva Motor Show next March, so expect more juicy details in the spring.

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