The Mill Blackbird Shapeshifting Car | Translogic 208

Maybe you've heard of motion capture technology used in Hollywood films or video games, but you might not realize this tech is also being used in the automotive world. The Mill Blackbird is a vehicle that bridges the gap between practical effects and movie magic. Using a combination of clever design and post-production effects, the Blackbird can be made to look like essentially any car on the big screen.

Our host Jonathon Buckley had the opportunity to speak with the team that created this incredible piece of tech. "What we at The Mill do is we take vehicles and in CGI and computer and post production and we can create new ones on top of ones that don't even exist yet," said Pete King, executive producer at The Mill. Of course, they've taken that a step further in the design of The Blackbird. The rig itself can extend its wheelbase and remap its electric powertrain to mimic the size and movement of nearly any car.

The crazy thing is, this technology is already being used in movies, advertisements, and everything in between. It's so good we bet you haven't even noticed.


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